Three ladies on a bench

To take on a new role in church planting may sound like we have achieved something.  “From now on we do not need to do ‘the work’, but we will coach our brothers and sisters from behind the scenes!” But I have to admit, sentences such as this sound more beautiful than they are in reality.  It is often not as smooth as we had hoped for, and I can see that I am one of the causes for this.

In the past years, we have done ‘the work’ mostly ourselves.  We took young believers with us and helped them to imitate us.  As we have tried to change our roles, we realize that we fall back in old patterns very quickly, by taking the lead again and again.  It’s not a strange thing that this is happening, however, it’s not very helpful for someone trying to be a coach.  Luckily, we have been able to discuss this openly with some brothers and sisters and I now receive friendly smiles as a sign when I should keep my mouth shut.

A few months back, during our last Home Assignment, we shared the prayer request that we would love to see Niam and Djum help Naang to be a witness in her village.  Since then, they have become determined to start a new house group in Naang’s village.

This morning, I witnessed the efforts of Niam, Djum and Naang.  They were sitting next to one another on a wooden bench.  Naang choose songs to sing, Djum shared about the meaning of the songs and Niam shared a bible story and taught how to pray. And I…

I just watched – God @work.

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