Ready in Season and Out of Season

Ab Mol


Evangelizing is proclaiming good news regardless of the results. And in many cases, it is just trying what way or method works best given the circumstances. As for us as a team, we work towards an easy-to-copy approach in all ministry efforts we endeavour. Eventually, the day will come when we are not here anymore. By doing things in a simplified way, we are giving the new Thai believers an example of simplicity that is easy to reproduce and just as effective. In this culture though, this is not always an easy task. Thais love to throw a party and will go the extra mile to make it unforgettable, especially when it comes to decibels.

In evangelization, for example, we use 9 simple poster preaches to proclaim the core of the gospel message: why Jesus came to earth and why we need him as our Saviour. These stories, as well as the materials used, are short, clear, and easy to reproduce. Anyone can carry it on him or her, always. Apart from that, evangelizing is also improvising (method and materials) and not making it too difficult, beforehand. Sometimes, unexpected chances will present themselves (‘God-incidence’) so we must always carry something on us, whether they are tracts, or our small poster preach booklet. In our daily life, a good example of improvising came across, when we realized that while going from village to village by car, we pass by many houses along the way.  Whilst walking in the village, we could cover all the streets thus reaching 100% in the villages. Yet, something felt off-balance because during the ride from one village to another we passed many houses, yet, walking from village to village in the heat would not be an easy task. This made us rethink our approach. We now regularly go out on a motorbike so that we can quickly and easily reach all the houses between the villages. We meet mostly friendly rice farmers and market vendors and sometimes an angry street dog. Often, these people live tough lives, toiling for their small wages but always up for a chat. But, regardless of the outcome, we will continue to share the good news.







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