Two Noises

In a bad mood I’m trying to get myself out of bed. The loud music kept me awake for half the night. And now at 6 a.m. it has already been going on for more than an hour again. Will it go on for the whole day again, I wonder. The noise is so loud that it’s hardly possible to have a conversation. But when I open the front door I am suddenly greatly encouraged. I hear another, much softer noise.

The loud noise comes from a big festival. Almost everyone from our village is involved. Gifts and money are given to the monks, to make merit for the village. A lot of children join the festival too. Sadly also those who usually join our Good News Club. The loud noise must have attracted their attention.

There is a big procession as well, heading for the temple. After the procession the festival goes on. The amounts of alcohol consumed is increasing and the music gets louder and louder.

The soft noise comes from a little radio. Our neighbor who is hard of hearing turned the volume up, although it is like whispering compared to the loud noise of the festival. But we can hear it. She listens to Isaan Christian music, and a little while later, to a sermon. We gave her a little radio with an USB-stick some time ago. Despite her first rejection of the gospel, she seems to have a renewed interest. Has she really received Christ? She claims so, but she doesn’t seem to have abandoned all her idols yet.

Two noises: one very loud, the other one hard to hear. But the noise of the Gospel is there! In some houses, on a single rice field, during our Good News Club, and in the heart of an old woman.

Hearing this soft noise touches me. How clearly shows Our Father why He has send us to Isaan. And God promised that one day this noise will overrule all other noises. Then I heard what seemed to be a large crowd that sounded like a roaring flood and loud thunder all mixed together. They were saying, “Praise the Lord! Our Lord God All-Powerful now rules as king.” (Rev. 19:6)

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