Thai Lazarus

Lazarus’, the screen name reads. Lazarus is one of the mentors who helps students at the Thai evangelistic website Kwamjing (Truth). ‘Lazarus’, an intriguing choice. What would be the story here?

The founder of Kwamjing, who was transferring responsibility to me, explained. Lazarus’ real name is Piyarit. Years ago he was so deep in trouble that he didn’t see a way out. He went to a high building and jumped.

Piyarit woke up in hospital. He had not been successful in his attempt to commit suicide. But he was paralysed from the waist down. For months he was in bed. Playing on the computer was almost the only thing left to do.

One day he encountered the Kwamjing website. He read about God who created the world. He read about Jesus, who forgives our sins. He believed. He found a purpse in life and a happiness that went deeper than his circumstances.

Piyarit is now out and about in a wheel chair. Once I met him, at the party of a Christian publisher, without knowing his story, and I was struck by his sunny demeanor. A little later he went to the front in his wheel chair to present his short autobiography that came out that day. ‘Falling and getting up’, it was called. (See here.)

Now I work together with him. For some time after he came to the Lord through Kwamjing, Piyarit started to be a volunteer. Now he answers questions of people who, just like him a few years ago, want to know more about the Lord Jeus.

‘Lazarus’, he calls himself. For God gave him a new life. But I also had to think of John 11:5: “Now Jesus loved… Lazarus”.’

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