Setting a “faith-flag”

After a full day’s work, I needed to do some shopping and went to one of the big shopping centers in town.  I was tired and hoped to get things done quickly and go home to rest.

Feeling hungry I decided to eat in the food court of that shopping center.  As I was getting some free water at the water cooler a young Thai lady started to talk to me.  She asked what I was doing here and began to tell me about her family.  As she did this, I heard a sentence that alerted me.  “If God is merciful, he will let me find the boy’s father.”  Later, when there was a pause in her talking, I asked her who this merciful God was.  She explained that she had started to believe in Jesus Christ about five months ago and was attending a local church.  All of a sudden we had a lot of common ground to talk about and were both encouraged.

My heart rejoiced as I drove home.  I pondered upon the “faith flag” that this lady had set out for me, the little indicator about her faith.  It was up to me to follow up on it or to leave it.  She reminded me to be intentional about setting “faith flags” in my casual conversations with people during this new year.

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