Praying for a white pick-up truck

Both the church elder and I were on our knees: helping some ladies to dig out cassava roots. We were handing out literature packages and had stopped to give some packages to these farmers, too. We were invited to chat and then we asked them if we could help them. At the end of the day we got an invitation to come back. A week later we went for a visit together with some of the church members. But what again were the names of these farmers? Where do they live? The only thing we were able to remember was that one of the ladies owned a white pick-up truck. That afternoon we prayed for God’s guidance especially to find the white pick-up truck. After 15 minutes driving, the car resounded with hallelujahs: at the intersection entering the village we saw the white pick-up truck. The lady was just stopping there to get some groceries. When we arrived at her house we did meet the other cassava famers again. That afternoon we were able to sing and tell about Jesus.

At the end we were offered a delicious Isan meal. In the weeks after this we have been able to visit these people several times. Especially one lady wants to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ. We have started chronological Bible study. This lady wants to get to know Jesus, but she is also afraid that her husband in Bangkok won’t accept her interest in the Lord. We see more people facing this barrier. But we are blessed to know that God can move mountains!

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