Pray for Rain

”You can pray for rain” he said laughing. We met him during our prayer walk in his village. With some other men he was eating papaya salad and drinking whiskey. When we asked him if we could pray for something, so he told us to pray for rain. I felt a certainty in my heart and before I knew it I said ‘’ok, we will pray for rain, will you believe there’s a God if it rains?’’

The hot season doesn’t have much rain, apart from some scattered thunder-showers and on the day we went out, the sky was totally clear. At dinner time the same day, the sky above the village turned dark but there wasn’t any rain yet. That came the next day, and the next. In the end it rained there for a whole week. Thrilled we went back to the village to find this man, but we couldn’t find him again. Maybe he washed away?!

Our colleagues in another district also experienced something special. A woman became a believer (years ago) after an encounter with a fellow patient in the hospital where she was treated. To try whether this Jesus her fellow patient kept talking about is real, she had a bold prayer: she asked for the release of her husband from prison. A day later he is free and she becomes a Christian, and also gets healed from her cancer. Fastforward 24 years and her brother also finally turns to Jesus. He gets baptised, but dies 3 days after his baptism from cancer.

What do these stories tell? We serve the living God who answers prayers. We live in a broken world where we still have to deal with pain, sorrow and sin. And things turn out different than we expect. But there is also hope, the victory is already there, and miracles do happen!

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