Paa Sunni

We as a family made a sort of personal goal of visiting One Amphoer (town) of Mahasarakham province once a month.”1 Month – 1 Amphoer” is our way of knowing more about Thai Culture, practicing our Thai speaking and most especially praying for each Amphoer that we visit.

Last August 22, 2015 we visited Amphoer Na Dun, 80 kilometer South of Mahasarakham which is about 1hour and 10mins drive from home. Prepared with Gospel tracks materials and prayer we head out to Na Dun without knowing anyone from there. Our specific prayer is that God may lead us to someone which we can share God’s word as we explore the town.

Na Dun is one of those popular town in Mahasarakham mainly because they host one of the biggest temple in the province.

Na Dun has about 36 thousand plus population and according to some people I have talked to there is no known single Christian in Na Dun.

God led us to meet Paa Sunni, a Christian who owns a small food place in town. God led us to her restaurant for lunch and we found out that she was  a Christian!
We asked her where she went for church and we learned that she seldom goes to Church because the nearest Church she knew of is about 100kilometers away from Na Dun. Paa Sunni confirmed to us that she doesn’t know of any Christian in Na Dun.
We talked to her about a Church that we know next town that was planted by an OMF missionary and she seemed to be very happy about it. One of the things that excites us was seeing her thirst for fellowship. We asked her if she would like us to come back to visit her and have worship together and her response was one of those priceless response you could ever get from someone who feels so alone and in need of fellowship. It was a heartbreaking experience talking to a Christian who feels so alone, helpless and in need of community of faith.

Later we heard from our teamleader that a new missionary couple who are still in language study , were assigned to start churchplanting in Na Dun as soon they would finish language school. This lady could be a great help to start this church plant!

Right now it is very hard to come in contact again with Paa Sunni. So please pray with us that we will find Paa Sunni again and that she will grow in her faith and be a testimony to the people around her.

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