Only Jesus can save me

Noi is a 38 year old lady that came to the church in Yang Sisurat for the first time during a special Christmas outreach. She was very interested and wanted to hear as much as possible about God. After her first church visit she kept coming back and it became clear that she loved reading books as well. She read through the New Testament in a couple of weeks, while also reading all kind of other books that are in our church library.

Noi has a niece who was baptized two years ago. This girl is always very quite, but she felt the urge to help Noi in hear search for God. Noi is also from the same village as our church elder and he and his wife kept evangelizing her. By Gods grace her understanding grew and she put her faith in Jesus. She also wanted to be baptized.
On the day of her baptism Noi gave a clear testimony. She said: ‘I’ve been coming to church for a couple of months and I’ve read a lot of books. To me it is very clear that the Bible is the truth and that only Jesus can save me’. A couple of weeks later Noi is evangelizing everybody she meets. She keeps sharing the gospel with people and handing out tracts in her little restaurant. We praise the Lord for this new sister and pray that God will continue to grow her in faith and use her in spreading the gospel in her village and other places.

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