On fire for the gospel

Sometimes you meet these special people. They are just full of energy and the joy of the Lord. Very often in stark contrast to their health or their living conditions. They make you feel your own problems are so small compared to theirs and yet they are so positive and full of joy. Father Kanhaa is someone like that. Some time ago we wrote an article about his conversion, called “Father and son”. It is such a blessing to have him in our church. He lost his money, a child, his health, his status, but always when we meet him and ask how things go, he’ll throw up his arms and says; ‘I am doing better, thanks to the Lord!’

Over the past year he started to go with us on trips to other villages. ‘I know so many people, I want them to know God too’ he says all the time.

And indeed, in almost every village he knows people or has relatives. Everywhere we go people are so surprised when they see him. Father Kanhaa had a stroke and stayed in bed for a long time, some think he died already. But then he’ll start sharing about how God healed him and that he is able now to walk and talk again. I tried everything he says, ‘the temple, the spirits, the healers, they all want your money and nothing helps. Only God really helps. Anyone can come to Him’!

It is quite disappointing for him that most of the people we witness to are not really interested in Jesus and what He did for them. He just cannot get it. But we believe his testimony will bear fruit and bring glory to God in a place that knows so little about Him. Father Kanhaa has been in the hospital twice over the past few weeks. Sometimes we wonder for how long he will be with us. Please pray for Him and that the people will listen to his testimony and act on it. A special burden on Father Kanhaa’s heart is his son (see the other article). Pray that this boy will get to know  Christ and surrender his life to Him too.

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