Living proofs of God

She is a short woman in her fifties who got recently acquainted with the Gospel. Here name is Wat. She is waiting for my husband Marten to pick her up. Today two people will be baptized and Wat wants to attend the service. But when Marten pulls up, it becomes clear that just attending is not enough. Wat wants to be baptized as well! So Marten swaps his place behind the steerwheel for a seat in the back of the car where he and Wat work through baptism preparation lessons together. “Do you understand what you are reading?”  Yes! She is ready to make the commitment. Nothing stands in the way of her being baptised. They get out of the car and a little later they go down into the water. She is baptized in the name of her Creator God, her Savior and her Counselor.

Ever since Wat has been on her way rejoicing. Jesus becomes more evident in her life all the time. Her priorities are shifting, her prayers are beautiful – she always prays for people to get to know Jesus. And despite her low level of education, Wat has now become one of the pillars of the church: faithfully teaching at Sunday School and giving pastoral care to several sisters in the church.

God in his grace has given my husband and me beautiful Thai people in whom we can so clearly see the work of the Spirit. Like our elder, who is trustworthy to the core and wakes up at 4 am every day to spend time with the Lord. Like Tom, who abandons all his money, time and energy to six orphan kids and to serving in the Kingdom of God. Like Bai, who has befriended a lonely lady in her village who is shunned by others, because of her allegedly being infected by HIV.

These people help me in my darkest moments, despite all the setbacks and disappointments, to believe that God is truly alive and truly at work. The stature of Jesus Christ is becoming visible in them more clearly all the time. They are living proof of the existence and love of God. It is a privilege to be a witness of God at work.

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