I will never leave you nor forsake you

It has not been easy for Phii Sathit, a single woman, who lives with her two teenage daughters and her 75 year-old mother, to be the only Christian in her family. Although she has been under a lot of pressure from her mother, other relatives and some of her neighbours for being a Christian, she has been faithful to her faith and is now one of the key persons in our newly established church.

This year, as the harvest season approached she was faced with a lot of problems.

The wage per day of the labourers had increased and so she couldn’t afford to hire them, she doesn’t have a husband to help her and her children are still too young to help her. It didn’t help with her mother constantly mocking her for not having a husband and also for not having friends to help her because she was a Christian. Everyday, her neighbours would drop by her house to ask her what she would do- some out of genuine concern but others out of malice. She shared her problems with us and we prayed together about it.

A few days ago, a team of YWAMers from India came to visit our village. Our family and another Christian family decided that, along with the team, we would help her harvest her rice.

The morning we were to go harvesting, her mother saw that she was getting ready to go to the fields and she asked her how many people she had hired. Phii Sathit answered that she had hired 11 people. Her mother asked her “And just how are you going to pay them? I know you don’t have money to hire 11 people.” And Phii Sathit replied, “God has hired them for me for free, I don’t have to pay them anything.” And for once, her mother was silent. The night after the harvest, she came and shared her testimony with us. She was so happy that God had not abandoned her but had saved her face in her neighbourhood.

Yes, God is faithful and when we feel that there’s no one to help us, we can count on him to be there for us.

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