From nightmares to sweat dreames

Taa Sooda hasn’t been sleeping at home with his family for many years now because he has asthma and he says he cannot breathe at night in an air-conditioned room. He sleeps in a little shack near his rice fields. At night, he would sit on a chair, lean on the table and try to sleep as this helps his breathing. And on better nights, when he does go to sleep, his dreams would be filled with nightmares and this gave him a lot of trouble. In the past, the villagers would cremate bodies in the area where his shack now stands. And it was common belief among the villagers that he was disturbed by the spirits of the dead.

On 7th February, 2015, he, his wife and his grand-daughter made the choice to follow Jesus Christ and were baptized. Since then, he says that the nightmares have gone and that he sleeps much better now. Although this doesn’t sound like much to people from other cultures, it is a powerful testimony to his spirit-fearing neighbours and relatives.

We had also given him an MP3 player and he listens to the word of God all the time. A few days ago, while we had prayer meeting and Bible Study, we were encouraged by how much he knew about God and stories in the Bible in such a short period of time. Although he still has really bad days because of the asthma, he is a much happier man now and it shows on his face too. Please pray for his family that they will grow stronger in the Lord and also for Taa Sooda’s health.

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