Faith Comes By Hearing

Last week, we listened as one of the Christian ladies shared how she was really relying on the MP3 player with an audio Bible, Christian songs, and testimonies, in order to learn the Gospel.  She is unable to read, and said that when she does not listen to the word of God daily, she feels as if her faith dries up.  We often use portable MP3 players, containing the audio Bible, Christian songs, and teaching to assist in evangelizing and discipling those who can’t read.

This is just one of the many stories we have heard of the value of the audio Bible, Christian songs, and teaching.  It seems that it maybe the majority of Isaan people are preferred oral learners.  Though many are literate, they still prefer to learn though oral forms, which includes hearing.  We are thankful that there seems to be a growing desire from many to produce high quality audio resources, which can be used in both evangelism, and also in ongoing discipleship.

In addition to the immediate value of people being able to hear the gospel, we have also heard a number of testimonies of people, who were once illiterate.  However, as they listened to the audio Bible, while reading along with it, or as they listened to Christian songs while singing along with them from a Christian song book, God has opened their eyes and now they are able to read on their own.  They now have such a joy in the fact that they can read the Bible themselves!  We pray that the lady who is currently hearing the Gospel through audio files, will one day also be able to read the Bible for herself.

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