Experiencing God’s speedy answer to prayer

You will surely agree that God cares for His children and gives them what they need. But yet I am amazed to see how promptly God sometimes acts in the biggest times of need. This article can be seen as just another encouraging story about God’s providence, but for one family it really meant everything.

Uncle Chom became a believer three months ago. He and his wife lost their house recently, but were able to move into another one with an agreement to pay the owner later. One day we visited them at their new place and found their new house empty and shut. Nearby we saw something like a shack with just one wall yet. When we draw near there, Uncle Chom said they had been praying that we would arrive soon. The owner had forced them to leave the house and they would need to build a new home now. Of course they expected us to help. Another young believer granted them some old corrugated iron and we bought some panels for the floor. Uncle Chom and his wife were really grateful.

After some time they visited us unexpectedly and said: “Until the end of this day we have to pay 20’000 Baht, otherwise we will have to vacate the property again. Our daughter promised to send us the money, but she wasn’t able to do so in time.” We didn’t consider it wise to give them such a big amount of money, even though they promised to pay us back as soon as possible. Hence we called the daughter who confirmed everything. We offered to pay a down payment if the owner would accept it. Before the couple still quite heavy hearted went back home, we prayed with them, that the Lord would grant them a good solution. Only ten minutes later they called us rejoicing: “God has answered our prayers, our daughter will send us the money today!” We don’t know what kind of miracle God did, but he did one!

The following Sunday they came to our worship service with their neighbour Nau und his family who are also at the very beginning of their new life with Jesus. Reading the bible and coming to our Sunday services is still quite hard for them. We gave them MP3-players with songs, Christian teaching and bible passages, which they are keen to use.

May the Lord help them to grow in their faith and give us the opportunity to start a small group at their place meeting regularly.

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