Church camp

It’s raining cats and dogs. I’m lying in a tent, together with my 2 daughters. The tent feels all clammy. My feet and legs are getting wet, because a big part of the matrass is soaked. The matrass had been tied on the roof of the car, together with all the other (now wet) beddings.

It’s completely dark, because the electricity doesn’t work, due to the heavy rainfall. There’s ongoing lightning and thunder. Just a while ago, there was a lightning strike very close to us. The closest bathroom is about 500 meters away and unreachable because of all the mud. While setting up the tent, we killed 2 scorpions and 2 snakes that came looking for a dry spot under the big shed where we put the tents.

We are on a two day camp with about 80 Christians from the various Isaan churches planted by our team.

Coming here took over two hours and was a real challenge. Our children went with our colleagues and my husband drove our car with five Isaan boys and a few children’s workers who came to help us. The only option for me was to go with a church member. She had a few informal driving lessons a couple of years ago and she doesn’t drive with a lot of confidence… Two times we nearly crashed into another car.

In the darkness and pouring rain we arrive. All in all I regret coming to this camp. Nothing seems to go well. Do I really have to cope with this for another 2 days?!

The sun is shining. Our tents are drying pretty well and we showered in the bathroom. A great bathroom, the only things missing were a shower and a roof. Our stomachs are full of the rice breakfast and the children are being entertained in the children’s program.  From a distance, I watch how more than 30 Thai children, together with children of missionaries, hear the Gospel several times in different ways. Also the five Buddhist boys from our village. Far away I hear happy noises at the program for adults. Members from different churches meet and encourage each other. We meet up with colleagues living far away from us. This afternoon, someone will be baptized. Contented, I’m thinking that this is all worth it. I’m happy I did go to camp after all!!

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