Broken by God’s love

Mrs. Nuthiap (78), had Christian neighbours in Lopburi province, from whom she had heard about Jesus. But she did not want to be a Christian. When we went to her house to tell her about Christ, her response was, “I do not need anything new in my life, I am happy and satisfied with the way I am. My life is complete, I don’t hunger or thirst for anything. I say my prayers every day, I live alone because I want to pray all the time. I know what you want to tell me but I don’t want to change, I have heard about Jesus many times before, Christians have come to me many times in the past during different stages of my life.” Then one of the missionaries said to her, “Then God must love you very much because He keeps sending back people to you to tell you about God.” After she heard this, she unexpectedly, broke down into tears and said, “Yes, I think God must love me very much.” Although she had prayed earnestly for many years she did not know what would happen to her after she died. Since she was old and could not go to the temple to make merit, she was not sure if her prayers at home could save her or not. After we talked to her about Jesus, she said that she would come to church to know more about God. We did not really think that she would come to church, but she did. And after the second Sunday that she came to church, she said that she was ready to be a believer and to take Baptism.

After she became a believer, she has always been ready to assist us in outreach programs near her house. She has been introducing new people to the church and talking to them about her new faith too. It is wonderful to see God’s love changing a woman in her 70s and using her, an old woman, who cannot even stand up straight, to extend His kingdom.

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