Baptized…… by Gods grace

“Monday” is the name of 38 year old lady who lives in remote village of Yang Sisurat district in Isaan. For many years she worked as a witchdoctor. People with all kind of problems came to her, and she tried to help them through incantations to the spirits and traditional medicine. Around 7 years ago she divorced from the father of her three children. In that period, another man helped her in many ways. She ended up ┬áto become the second wife of this man, who was married and had children with another wife.

Two years ago Monday heard the gospel for the first time through a Christian radio program. The church was over 60 kilometers away, but she started attending. Slowly the Gospel got hold of her.

She burnt everything that had to do with her witchcraft. She started to tell the man she lived with about Jesus. He came to know the Lord as well and went to church with her. Monday even shared the Gospel with the real wife, and she believed as well. This presented a problem, as they could hardly go to church with the three of them.

While the man and his first wife went to church together, Monday started to come to our services in Yang Sisurat. She knew very well that the relationship with this man was not right in the eyes of God. Many times she decided to leave him, but she never had the strength to go through with it. When the first baptism service was held, Monday wanted to be baptised as well. But the church would not allow her to receive baptism as long as she continued to live in sin. Monday turned her back on God and picked up her old life as witchdoctor. That was very disappointing for the church. We could only pray for her and we did. For months we couldn”t get in contact with her, but a couple of weeks she called the elder of the church and said: “God helped me remove all sin out of my life. I want to follow Jesus now and be baptized.”

Last Sunday Monday was baptized. This was her testimony: “For so long I tried to change my life in my own strength, but I couldn”t do it. It was impossible. When I turned my back on the Lord I missed Him so much. I wanted to get right with Him. So in the end I prayed that God would help me to make the painful decisions. And He did. The fact that I stand here today and can be baptized is because of His grace. God did something I couldn”t do. He saved me from sin and death.”

Please pray for Monday as she follows Jesus now. Pray that her life will bear fruit and that she will be a shining light and testimony for others.

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