The neighbour of Puen

The neighbor of Puen lays on a wooden bed. Beneath the bed burns a coal fire with healing herbs. We are on our way to the neighbor of Puen. It’s 40 Celsius degrees and I feel sorry for this neighbor lady.

It’s a Sunday. Puen, a faithfull 11-year old church member, told me this morning about her neighbor. She had a motor accident in their street. She fell of the motor bike and was unconscious for a while. Conscious again, she walked home. But the days after that she felt stiff, was covered with bruises and was not able to come off the bed. To promote the healing process, she was carried to the wooden bed with the burning herbs underneath.

‘When you bring me home this afternoon, you have to go to her to pray for her’ said Puen to me. So that’s why we are on our way to the neighbor of Puen.

When we arrive at the house of Puen, the neighbor is not at home. ‘She is working in the forrest’ says Puen’s father. Puen and I raise our eye brows. I start to doubt the whole story. Puen tells her father that I come to pray for the neighbor. Immediately, Puen is send into the woods to look for the neighbor. I want to call her back, but Puen is already running.

Not long after that Puen and the neighbor appear out of the forrest. ‘It is a miracle’ says the neighbor walking towards me. ‘This morning I was still on the bed. Puen came het past couple of days to help me. She is even doing the dishes together with a friend and is massaging my arms. But this morning Puen said that I should fold my hands and pray to Jesus to heal me. When Puen went to church, I prayed. I sat up. I was able to walk. Well, in the end I went back to work in the forrest.’

Puen and I look each other in the eyes. Really?! Wow! We keep on repeating: ‘God did a miracle!’ And I look to this little miracle, who tells her neighbors and lives out who the Lord Jesus is

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