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Paul as churchplanter 2

“And immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues, saying, ”He is the Son of God” ” , Acts 9:20.

Paul was baptized, and a few days later he preached his first evangelistic sermon. He did not go to Bible school first. He was not ordained to the ministry first. No, from the very beginning he proclaimed the Gospel.

Of course Paul had an unique position. Through his education as a Pharisee he had an extensive Bible knowledge. Yet it became a trait of Paul’s ministry that he involved people in ministry immediately after their conversion. His students Prisca and Aquila explained the Gospel to Apollos in Ephesus, and Apollos immediately passed it on to whoever wanted to listen.

I try to minister in this way as well, in the beginning because it was the only possibility. When my wife and I were living in Thailand for just one year, we wanted to organize a children’s club. But it isn’t easy to hold children’s attention when you just have one year of language study behind you in a very difficult language. So we asked our house help, who only had been a Christian for a few months, to tell the Bible stories.

Nothing helps people grow spiritually faster than getting involved in church ministry. If new believers need to sit and be quiet in the church for a whole year before they are allowed to do something, it has already become difficult to get them going.

The great thing about involving new believers in ministry is that in a very natural way the most important issue is empasized. For much more than that they might not yet know. “And immediately he proclaimed Jesus, saying, “He is the Son of God”.

Have you already started to share responsibility for the ministry of your church?

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