Nampu fountain ministry

Mrs. Pat nicknamed her new baby boy “First”, although he was her fourth and last child.  When she initially discovered that she was pregnant with First, she was not ready to have another child, because of the economic strain on the family.

However, a Christian neighbor encouraged her to continue the pregnancy.

This neighbor showed practical support by paying the kindergarten expenses for Mrs. Pat’s 6-year-old child.  Mrs. Pat decided to continue the pregnancy.  The husband was supportive, but his income is not high and they have substantial debt to pay off.

Today, little First is three months old. He is a healthy, chubby boy.  Mrs. Pat is often at her limits but she does what she can to make ends meet. The Nampu-Fountain Ministry has come alongside this family to help with expenses for First, to encourage Mrs. Pat, and share the love of Christ with the family.

If you have used children’s clothes, in various sizes, which are in good and clean condition, we are glad to forward them to families like Mrs. Pat’s.

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