My baby wanted to live

Trusting others when you have been abandoned, hurt, abused is impossible for many people.

Jane ran away from home when she was 10 years old after her parents had separated. She lived on the streets of Bangkok and learned to fend for herself. After a few years she learned to be a seamstress. Later, she married and had a son. Jane managed to build up her own dressmaking business. When her marriage broke up, her son went to live with his father. She worked hard and had a good income. When she got pregnant, her boyfriend made her choose between him and the baby. His attitude shocked her and she chose her baby. “I felt sorry for the little one. It wanted to live, otherwise I wouldn’t have conceived,” was her reasoning.

“Have you ever felt like giving up?” I asked Jane. “Yes, I was thinking of taking my life in early pregnancy. But then I felt that it would be a sin towards my baby.” Jane looks at her 10 days old Gaem ( cheek) and smiles. “Now I have even more reason to live and give my daughter everything she needs to have a good life and lots of love.”

I share the father heart of God with Jane. He is the one she can trust and the one who is always there to help her. Jane listens politely and takes the tracts I leave with her.  It is no wonder she does not trust me and the message immediately considering all the hurts and disappointments she’s had with people. We pray for the Holy Spirit’s work in Jane’s heart.

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