One time we were out in a village where there is not even a single Christian, to distribute reading glasses. Once the villagers turned up at the house of the village chief we started the program with a prayer, introduction and shared the good news of our Lord. As we were busy distributing the glasses and Christian literature for them to take home, I saw a man pull over his motorbike. When he got down from his bike I noticed that he was very drunk and deep down in my heart I was hoping that he would not disturb or ruin the whole program because you never know what a drunkard is up to.

But it turned out he came because he wanted to receive glasses as well. We wrote down ┬áhis name and asked him to sit down and wait for his name to be called out. He also wanted to know more about us and when he came to know we are Christians, he started asking a lot of questions about the church and about God. He was talking really loud so all the other people started listening to the conversation as well. Thank God! Because of this drunk man we got more opportunity to share about our Lord with the people in the village. God”s plans are amazing! We tend to judge people by their outward appearance but God works in ways we don”t even think about. What a great God we serve!!

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