The school principal and the magician

Carrying our load with literature packages with Christian tracts and brochures for all ages we walked through the village. Within two hours we distributed packages to most households. NaJaan villages has 150 roofs, as the Thai would say. It is not a big village. Towards the end of our walk through the village we met an elderly man sitting in front of his house. He tried hard to read one of the tracts, but the letters were too small. After a short explanation of the Gospel, we promised to come back to bring reading glasses. A week later, we hadn’t  been able yet to get reading glasses from our team storage, but we decided to visit the man anyway.

Some church members came along as well. When we arrived the man was peeling tamarind, a popular fruit in Isaan. ‘O, that’s the spirit doctor of this village. A few years ago I visited him with my grandson’, one of the church members said from the back of the car.

That afternoon we had the opportunity to tell about Jesus through music and stories. The village spirit doctor listened with interest as Niam, one of the church members, talked about the changes in her life since she is trusting Jesus. She told about our great God and how He longs for us to know Him. We realized he is facing many barriers to come to Jesus. But we will go back to take reading glasses, and trust the Holy Spirit will work in his life!

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