Taste and see!

The opportunity came out of the blue… Our local community was going to celebrate the “Khaochi- Festival”. For that reason they invited us to join in and produce a Swiss style Khaochi. Khaochi is made with sticky rice, which is the basic food for the Isaan people. The sticky rice is put around a stick, coated with egg and then grilled over charcoal. It’s very popular and young and old alike, just love it!

In Gods perfect timing, visitors from Switzerland, a cook with his wife stayed with us. With his professional skill and great enthusiasm he experimented and produced a Swiss Khaochi. The special feature was the sweet chocolate glaze!

At the festival we were given one of the many booth and like all the others we handed our Khaochi to the people walking by. The queue grew really big and we could barely keep up with the demand. Honored guests were the head of our district, as well as the governor of the whole province who too tried our new creation!

It was a unique occasion, being able to play a part in their cultural celebration, to make a contribution and to connect with them.

Praise God for this opportunity! We are well known as Christians in our little town. As they have tasted something new and yummy, please pray that they also will come and “Taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34:8).

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