Shocked because of the Fall

It was probably the first time ever that the Thai girl heard about creation. God had created everything so beautiful and Adam and Eve were so happy in the garden of Eden, looking after the animals and eating fruit to their heart’s desire. They just could not eat from that one tree in the middle of the garden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But of course Adam and Eve would never do that and spoil everything.

I brought the serpent into the garden and told the children how he asked his misleading question to Eve and how he assured her that she would not die, but be like God. Would Eve believe his lie? I asked the children. The girl shook her head in a decisive no.  But I had to disappoint her – ‘And then, Eve looked at the fruit and saw that it looked so delicious. She decided she wanted to be wise like God. Eve stretched out her hand, picked the fruit and bit in it!’ The girl gasped and covered her mouth in horror, her eyes wide with shock.

It was so moving to see this reaction to a story that I have heard over a thousand times in my life. I have heard it so often that I forget how horrible disobedience to God really is. The moment I saw the little girl’s reaction to the story of the first sin ever, I was able to look at it through her eyes once again, and feel shocked myself. We should never cease to be amazed at God’s abundant grace in sending his Son to save us from the power of sin.

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