Knowing God

When the gospel is never heard before, it normally takes a while before it is well understood. And to get a grasp on how well the gospel is understood, is also quite a task.

What does someone think about the gospel? Is this lady understanding the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross? Does this man know that there is only one God? Does she understand that following Jesus not necessarily means richness? But most importantly: does he or she have a relationship with our living Saviour, Jesus Christ?

And the most honest question probably is: did I explain the gospel properly, appropriate and understandable?

In conversations we try to find out how people are growing in their understanding of Jesus and how they are growing in their relationship with Jesus. Normally small steps are taken. At a meeting last week we ended the Biblestudy with prayer. Grandma Saan had a prayer request. She joins this group for a few months now. Every weeks she asked for prayers for her daughter if God can help her daughter repay her debt. Yesterday she asked: ‘Can you pray that my family members will also get to know Jesus?’ The debt of her daughter is not yet paid, and though this is important, Grandma Saan begins to understand that knowing Jesus is the most important thing in life.

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