Graceful boredom

Sometimes life in a remote village in Isaan can be boring. For Isaan people too. What a grace for missionaries! I’m thinking about the hours in the afternoon at the market when there are no customers, or about the old people who are hanging around in front of their house doing nothing or some young boys, hanging around on their bikes in front of the village school. Those are good moments for missionaries who want to have a chat and share the gospel.

Some time ago we met grandma Bing. She was sitting in front of her house and due to diabetes she misses one of her legs. Now she is home bound and sits in front of her house most of the time. Grandma Bing also likes to read and we have lots of good stuff to read! She read some tracts and some stories about Jesus. Last time we gave her a booklet with the first three chapters of Genesis, the whole gospel of John and the whole letter of Paul to the Romans. We hope and pray she will keep reading and find the cure for sin and death, and as an extra to that also the cure for boredom…

Like I can imagine the Samaritan woman going to the well on that particular day, maybe a bit bored too…? But she gets back all excited about the man she just met, Jesus, who knew all about her.

I believe our living God is the best cure for boredom. For missionaries, Isaan people and the rest of the world.

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