Do you know about Jesus?

Moey listens eagerly as I share about God’s creation and the worth that God has put into our lives. She interacts with ease and surprizes me with the answers to my questions. Moey attends our weekly meeting at Sunshine House (Drug Rehab Hospital) together with 15-20 other ladies. “Life Values” events have become a regular feature at Sunshine House that we from Nampu-Fountain Ministry offer. The women feel sorry that they have been caught doing unlawful things. Most of them find it hard to go through a four months rehabilitation program especially at the beginning. So they welcome any change in their daily routine.

After the session Moey stays back to chat with us. She is a woman in her twenties and comes from a neighbouring province.

“Do you know about Jesus?” I ask her.

“Yes, I believe in him and got a ceremony in the water (baptism). When I was in prison for three years people came and told us about Jesus. That’s when I became a Christian.”

Moey’s faith is weak and has not brought real life change yet. Only the Holy Spirit can convince her that doing unlawful things is sin and give her the power to break with it. We will persevere in being alongside women in difficult circumstances with the life changing Gospel.

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