Christmas – story of reconciliation

Some Sundays ago, I realized that single mother, Mrs J and her daughter S had not come to church for a few weeks. I asked others in the church about her. Some hadn’t noticed that Mrs J had stayed away and no one knew where or how she was. She is one of our faithful Nampu prayer partners and I wanted to give her our latest prayer letter. I called her. “Oh”, Mrs J said “ I don’t live in Khonkaen anymore. My estranged husband went to see my mother and apologized for his unfaithful behavior towards me. He asked her to allow him to get me back.

Mom really wanted  to see me with a family again and pleaded with me to return to him. When he came to see me, I knew I should forgive him and return with him. I had no time to tell anyone in church that I was leaving. It is good to be a family again and S enjoys her father very much”. I was speechless. Mrs J had told me before about her family situation and that there was no way she would ever go back to her husband. God can do miracles and make our hearts willing to forgive and reconcile.

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