Celebration in the kitchen

Sometimes I’m wondering whether something of God’s love enters the hearts and minds of the children who attend the church service. Some weeks the children are happily clapping and singing, but some weeks it’s not like that at all. Do they understand the message? Do they hear God’s voice somewhere in the stories? Do they see God’s love?

Three neighbors girls surrounded me while I was cooking in the kitchen. ‘I do not believe in the Lord Jesus anymore’ one girl stated firmly. Ew, that is a pity, I thought. This girl is having a hard life and I was hoping that she especially would experience something of God’s love in her life. She continued saying: ‘because He never showed Himself to me, I have never seen the Lord Jesus’. Well, that is true. I explained to her that the Lord Jesus lived in this world about 2000 years ago. She looked like she understood that. ‘ But still, I want to see Him now…’. The two other girls affirmed her wish and well, honestly, I would love to meet the Lord Jesus the way that was possible 2000 years ago.

‘Let me tell you this. The Lord Jesus has promised to come back to this earth. And He promised to change the world into a better world: no more tears, no more sickness, no more poverty, no more disasters.’

Did they get the message? For sure! Cheers rose and two girls gave each other a high-five. They were looking forward to this: ‘When is He coming back?’

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