Useless (2)

Since a couple of months we reach out to a village where we now have weekly fellowship with about ten people. We got to know the villagers through a medical clinic held by an American doctor who is settled in Bangkok. About two hundred villagers came for treatment and if willing to listen, heard the gospel explained by several Thai staff.

Together with a Christian lady from a connecting village we visited people at home to see if there was any interest to hear more about Jesus. This lady is very gifted in bringing people together, showing Christian fellowship and love. She loves worship and encouraging new believers to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Together with some church members and this lady we visit the house group that resulted from the clinic and follow-up. Several people indicated they have made the decision to follow Christ, others are considering this, others again are listening what this is all about. Is this Thai lady capable to leading this group and build up a church? Yes, she is. So why am I here? Am I useless?

I have been asking myself this question several times. Frankly, sometime I feel useless, especially when I see this lady doing what she loves to do. But I realize that God has equipped me too. He has given me a heart for teaching the Bible in an understandable way. People feel at ease to ask the question they sometimes don’t dare to ask in other situations. And God has given me time to visit these new believers consistently every week to help them grow and not wander off.

The lady cannot be there every time as she is busy leading a church in her birth town about 50 km away.

This example is not to show off the fruits of our ministry. It actually is the first time in 4 years of living in this district that we see something like this happening. We are thankful to God how He brought the right people from the right places together in the right time. Doctors from the USA, nurses from Bangkok, a Thai Christian lady from a neighbouring village, Christians from our church and this Dutch missionary. It is the beauty of God orchestrating his Kingdom- despite of what we think is efficient and effective.

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