Useless? (1)

Why don’t we let Thai people do our job? They are fluent in language, understand cultural issues and barriers for people to come to Christ and need much less support too. We on the other hand need years to become culturally adapted, fluent in language, and we have a much higher budget.

The answer is not really easy to give, but from what I have seen, it is just not the way God works. God has been sending people all over the world for ages. Starting from Abram until this age. The Israelites were called to be a witness to the other nations and this only increased when Jesus gave the Great Commission. We might think it could be more efficient to just send the money and let national Christians do the job. But Revelation shows us a picture of God’s plan: a multitude of people from all nations are joining together in praising our Saviour.

Actually it is so wondrous and joyful to worship together with people from another culture that I am thankful to God that he has called us to join them in reaching out to the unreached.

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