The persevering ones

Several months ago, I (Jared) was asked by our regional leader to check and see about a small group of Christians in another district, which in named Nong Kung Si. It is about an hour from Kham Muang. We had heard of a group of Christians there, but until recently had not been able to get in touch with them.  Then, last week Pastor Sukent and I met the Thai pastor who is trying to help this small group of Christians.  This pastor, Pastor Wen, lives about an hour beyond Nong Kung Si, in another district, where he pastors a small church in the countryside and assists with several others.  During that visit, Pastor Wen expressed how is only able to go and visit Nong Kung Si one or two times each month for a worship gathering and would really appreciate some help in ministering to these Christians and reaching out to others in that district.

On Saturday, Pastor Wen called me and invited me to go and visit the group with him on Sunday afternoon.  So, on Sunday afternoon, I picked up Pastor Sukent and we had the opportunity to go with Pastor Wen to have a worship meeting with this group of Christians.  It was such a privilege to worship God together in this small house, with the 7-8 adults and several children that made up the group.  As we shared together, I learned that the group had been meeting together like this for about 13 years.  On several occasions, Pastor Wen had tried to send someone to live there and help with the group, but each time the person was not able to stay more than about 1 year.  Through those years, they would see parts of the ministry grow according to the gifts of the person who came to minister there, and then shrink after their departure.  The group expressed a great interest in having someone come to help them in developing a more consistent ministry within the district.  During our visit, my heart was really moved by the perseverance of these Christians over these many years, and through the ups and downs.  I left with a great burden to continue to encourage these persevering ones and to share their story with others in the hope that God will lead someone to be led to the district of Nong Kung Si to worship and witness alongside these Christians.  Please be in prayer with us as we prayerfully process how to partner together to build up and support these Christian brothers and sisters.

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