The church as a banana tree

In February, we bought our banana tree. “When will it have bananas?” I asked the shop owner.  “After about a year and a half;” she answered.  At that point, I was noticing that it only had three leaves; with one of them turning brown already.  Ewoud planted the tree in our garden and at first nothing appeared to be happening.  However, after a week the first new leaf came and soon many leaves started growing.  It wasn’t before long we noticed the tree had already started growing shoots as well!  We separated some of the shoots from the tree and gave them away to our neighbors.  We also decided to grow another tree for ourselves.  We’re so impressed by the growth of this tree!

When we think of this banana tree, we also think of the church that is growing in Na Dun.  Do we want all the Christians in this district to gather in one building?  Or do we aim to grow house-groups, spread out over the whole district?

If we aim for house-groups, they will be small but have the benefit of growing ‘in their own soil’.  The old and the poor will be able to attend such a church as well.  It would also be easier for the Thai to visit other believers and evangelize in our absence, than it would be if we chose for a central church.  Further, reproducing a house church would be do-able for the Thai.  We see this with a healthy banana tree; that the shoots come by themselves.

Some small green leaves are starting to sprout in Na Dun at this point in time.  We hope to see the church of Jesus Christ grow shoots of its own in every village of the Na Dun district.  We pray for believers who will want to know God’s plan for their lives.  We know the growth of this plant is not dependent on our work or our ideas.  In the end, it is God who makes things grow (1 Corinthians 3). In faith, we are looking forward to see what God will grow!

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