Strong faith

Mrs. Nit had been working in the capital city for some years. She came to know the Lord and accepted Jesus as her personal Savior there. But now she has come back to her own village and is helping her daughter running a small family business. There are no other Christians in that village yet and she was longing for fellowship. Finally she met some Christians. Through them she came to know about our church and since then she has been faithfully attending

One Sunday we asked her if the church could go and visit her and have fellowship at her place. She kept quiet for a while. Then she said ‘I would love to have all of you at my home but I don’t think now is the right time because my husband is not a Christian. He is a drunkard and is very much against God and against His children.’

After the conversation we prayed for her and her family. The following Sunday she brought a picture of her husband so that we could pray for him again. Mrs. Nit also brings one of her grandchildren to church. She is 11 years old. One day, during Sunday school I asked her if she would like to take a Bible story book to read at home but she refused and said that if she takes it home and her grandfather comes to know about it, it would be a big issue.

Mrs. Nit really wants her family to come to know to the saving knowledge of our Lord. We are very much encouraged to see her strong faith. She trusts God with her whole heart in spite of all the problems she is going through at home. In the past we had come across people who had confessed that they believe in the Lord but had turned their back when they faced oppositions from relatives. But thank God there are many Christians like Mrs. Nit who are very strong in their faith in spite of all the opposition. It is our prayer to God that He will change cruel hearts into kind hearts

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