Pressure to give up on Jesus

She told me her story with tears in her eyes. Before, they were on good terms with their neighbours. They got along well with their family. Until they decided to change the path they were trudging. They felt attracted to the path of the Lord Jesus and became his followers. Many things changed for the better. Her husband quit drinking, their marriage improved a lot. He was able to hold down a job. But some other things got worse.

The neighbours have turned hostile, since then. When they have a bible study group at their house, and her husband is softly strumming the guitar, things will be thrown into their yard. The neighbours will start yelling that they should shut up. When they move to the back of the house, the neighbours will also move to their back yard and continue their hostile shouting. Family members have cut off contact with them.

Another lady is pressured by her mom to leave the church and return to Buddhism. If she won’t, she might not be inheriting any of her parent’s property, namely acres of land. This lady is on the verge of giving in to her mom, to be spared from further nagging and be assured of land to live from. It is all very understandable, both from her mom’s point of view and her own. Her mother is concerned with the preservation of the Thai way of living, and Buddhism is considered as indispensible to that way.

Even though the church is free to worship in Thailand, there is real pressure from family members or neighbours to give up on Jesus. Those who stand firm and continue to follow the Lord, are a tremendous testimony to other believers. I think many believers do not realize the impact of their faithful walk with Christ. Let us pray for the Thai Christians that they may be firm in Christ and influence many others to do the same! And that many Thai people will experience the healing presence of Christ in their lives.

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