God’s faithfulness

We can read about Gods faithfulness, we can sing about it, we can think about it, but the best thing we can do is experience it. In September 2008 there was no church in Nong Song Hong, a district in central Isaan with more than 80.000 people. There were only 3 known Christians in a small village. A year after we moved to Nong Song Hong town by God’s grace we were able to start a church in this small country town. We started with five new Christians. The first church. A very small light. After a year and a lot of promising contacts we were down to three: one gained, but one believer died, one believer fell back into his old life and a student moved to Bangkok.

At that point we had to leave this very small church on its own. After five months I was able to visit them again. In the meantime, an elder from a neighboring church came to preach twice a month. He told me that in the weeks he did not come, only two people would come the church. Wanid and his wife would open the church; clean it; sing some songs, pray, and read the bible. After a prayer they closed the door and went back home. They were faithful! Another five months later I came back again. In the meantime we lost one other Christian who went back to her old faith, but we gained a strong Christian woman who moved back to her home district Nong Song Hong. Even more encouraging was that Wanid showed strong growth in his faith. He grew so much that we were able to ordain him as elder of the Nong Song Hong Church. “I do not know exactly what being elder is all about, but I feel it is like being a father for the church members.” This is what he said before the ceremony. Only four Christians in a Buddhist district. But God did not forsake the work he started. I had other encouragements as well. One woman asked for baptism, but wanted to wait until my wife would come back to Thailand, because she has been so important in her getting to know the Lord. During this trip to Isaan I was overwhelmed by Gods faithfulness to his work, his people, and his church. We entrust this church into God’s hands, and we hope to return and support them in March 2012. Please pray for this small group of believers!

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