God continues His work!

Two weeks ago we celebrated the third baptism in the history of the church of Nong Rua.

It is very encouraging to see how God builds His church in this place. After a few difficult years we are encouraged by the growth we see both in numbers, but also in the lives of the church members.

The three people that were baptized came to know Christ in the first place because  a family member of them is a believer. Believers in the church are not shy to tell others about Jesus and their witness is fruitful. Very often they bring their friends, family, or just someone they’ve met to church. This is very encouraging, as real growth can only occur when the church members take up the task of proclaiming the Gospel alongside the pastor or missionary.

Another thing we are very thankful for, is the fact that two of the three baptized are youth. Gad and Gik became more open to the Gospel after their mother and younger sister (9 years old!) were baptized. It is hard to reach out to young people, but we believe they can give such a positive contribution to the church. A strong church consists of people from all ages, both male and female. We want entire families to come to know the Lord. That’s when the power of the Gospel can have the greatest impact.

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