Evangelism through family lines

”Who will most likely become a Christian?’ That was a question that got answered in research by Marten Visser several years ago. The research showed that family members of believers would convert a lot easier then people who just heard the gospel and didn’t know any Christian.

During our recent years as church planters we’ve seen this over and over again.

When the church first started in Yang Sisurat we had ten members. In the first one and half year seven more people were baptized. Out of the seven people, six were family members of church members. A niece, a wife, a sister etc. Only one person didn’t have Christian relatives, but he worked in South-Korea and got to know the Lord there through believers he worked closely with in a factory. This man is an example of another point. People that are taken out of their context will believe quicker then people who stay in their village where there’s a lot of social pressure.

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