Building bricks

One of the relationships we have been so thankful for is the one Jared has with his language helper, Almon.  Almon is working on making bricks to build a house for himself, his wife and their new baby coming in July. On a few occasions, Jared had the chance to help Almon in the brick making process.

On New Year’s Eve, the boys and I had the privilege of going and “helping” as well.  We had to start in the “mud pit” where Almon put hard chunks of clay mixed with water and the rice hull (the shells of when they make brown rice into white rice).  The boys loved being up to their knees in ewey-gooey mud.  But it’s not an easy job to break up the hard chunks! It took a lot of energy to sludge through the thick mortar to get it to the needed consistency.  Then the thick, heavy mortar was taken over to the mold to be packed in and left out in the sun to dry.

I thought about the Israelites a lot as we were doing it and that they must have been making something similar in Egypt.  I’ve also been thinking about the work that has started in our little town of Kham Muang.  The process of spiritual building isn’t always an easy job.  It can be messy.  There will need to be a lot of work and sweat poured in.  It will take a lot of time and energy.  At times we are going to want to give up or the work will slow down or could go quickly for a season.  But we are working on building bricks that will last an eternity.

I was also reminded by our senior missionary in our last meeting about the importance that each of YOU play in the building of the Church here in Thailand!  How much God uses your prayers for these people of Kham Muang who have maybe NEVER had anybody pray for them before.

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