All power is given to Him!

Recently, I once again talked to Mrs. D. For about 3 years, she has been living in Sahatsakhan and making her living by selling grilled pork in the market. Therefore she has contact with many people and is well known in the area. She came to know Jesus as her personal Savior and since then, is enthusiastically involved in a church in Kalasin. Telling other people about Jesus is a matter of her heart. But sadly, she said, “In Sahatsakhan, people are not interested in Jesus, they are under the power of the very influential temples and Buddha statues.” This is also our observation in the four years we have been here. But in opposition to this, we have all the promises of God, and hold fast to the fact that all power is given to Him and that the living God is at work! Thank you for praying for the people of Sahatsakhan!

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