It is the end of the afternoon.  The sun goes slowly down and with that the temperature drops down as well.  Time for the children to come out of their houses to play outside.  Our children are now playing on the streets too.  We see Puen, the 13-year-old girl from church, cycling towards our house. We soon discover that she has a question about school for tomorrow.

The summer holidays have just come to an end and Puen started secondary school.  The days following will be scheduled with religious activities for the newcomers at school.  ‘What will I do tomorrow? I want to pray to our God.’  We chat together about this and she decides to talk with the teacher.  She will ask whether she can attend the school activities, but be excused from the worship, because she is a Christian.
After that, she stays to chat a little bit more.  She has some insights into the behavior of other children – what is constructive character and what is not.  She also shares about a friend who is interested in coming to church.
I am thankful for Puen’s faith and love for God.  I am amazed at how serious she is in her God-honoring lifestyle.  And I am praying alongside Puen, that God protects and empowers this teenage girl as she is making a difference at school.

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