Church leader trainer

Ohd is sitting in a corner of my sleeping room to prepare his sermon. That’s the only quiet place in his or my house that we have been able to find. He is an elder in our church, and is now being trained to preach. The first few times he used four full Saturdays to prepare his message. Two Saturdays to study the text, and distill it into a main thought of one sentence. Then another two Saturdays to build this one sentence into a sermon. It is great to see how serious he is about his calling, how eagerly he learns from me, and yet how his sermons become totally his own.

OMF Isaan has church planting teams in a growing number of districts. Hopefully all these places will have elders who need to be trained to lead their churches- theologically, pastorally, and evangelistically. Besides that it is part of our vision that church planting teams will be sent out from each local church. Partly the training of all these people happens through the mentoring role of a church planting missionary. Besides that there is a place for someone who provides training in a somewhat more formal setting.

For this position someone with a theological degree is preferred. However, the applicant should be willing to be involved in church (planting) work for some years prior to taking on this ministry, so he will have experience relevant to the job. He should value applied knowledge over book knowledge.

Are you interested?