Christina Sutter

Christina arrived in Khonkaen city, Isaan, at the end of April 2013. She has served with OMF in Central Thailand as a nurse from 1988-2000 and as a language advisor from 2001-2004. God called her to a new life-saving ministry focusing on women in conflict because of unexpected pregnancy. Together with her Thai co-worker, Pranee Surotwattanakul they set up a pregnancy resource center giving counsel and practical help to women (and their partner) to help them see that every life is created by God and precious.

Thailand is the country with the highest teenage pregnancy in Asia and comes second worldwide. Abortion seems to be an easy way out of the conflict but mostly results in emotional and physical damage that torment the parents lifelong.

We believe that every life is precious, and together with the women and their partners strive to find ways that their babies may live. Trusting in the life changing power of our creator God, we believe that every woman, man and child can receive a fulfilled life that is promised to those who trust in Him.

They call their ministry “Nampu-Fountain”.