Freaky spirit drawing

I was sitting in the back with the kids one Sunday and they were drawing pictures. One girl had drawn pictures of women. They were a bit scary looking, almost gothic.  One of the women she drew with just a black marker. The only color on the photo was her red heart. I asked her and her friend what this was a picture of. They said it was a picture of a spirit. I thought surely if she had drawn this picture, that she couldn’t be afraid of spirits! But quite the contrary. I asked her, “Are you afraid of this?” She replied, “Yes.”  I started asking her questions about spirits. She said she learned about spirits from the chaaw baan (villagers) and also from t.v. programs that are about spirits.  So then she draws photos of what she’s seen. I told her that she doesn’t have to be afraid of spirits, because God is powerful. But if she is ever afraid, she should pray.

In Isaan culture, the spirit world is very alive. In another village we recently visited, there was a forest area designated to spirits. When we asked a woman about the area, she said that 3 spirits live there, but she is not afraid of them. Please pray for the Isaan people and also this young girl at church, that they would learn and experience the power of God in their lives.

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