Wilke and Marlies den Hertog

We are Wilke, Marlies, Lizette (2011) and Matthias (2013)  den Hertog. Our family moved to Thailand in November 2014. In our first year we were doing fulltime language and culture study in Lopburi. In January 2016 we moved to Khon Sawan (Chaiyaphum) and became part of the church planting team that works in the region of Isaan.

Before we arrived in Thailand Wilke was a pastor for eleven years in a village close to Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Marlies worked for several years at a family and youth health center as an educator. She worked with parents who experienced problems with raising their children in and around the multicultural city of Rotterdam.

After we married (2010) we wanted to discover if God was calling us to the mission field. One of the options was to become a church planter in the Isaan-region of Thailand. After some time of investigation, we both felt that God called us to work there. Now we are living in a small village in Isaan and are starting to make contacts and build relationships with the local people. We hope to be able to start our first house church soon, but our experience has reinforced what we already knew that it is all in God’s hands!