Vision and Mission


God is glorified all over Isaan through biblical, multiplying churches.


In partnership with others we make disciples throughout Isaan. We gather and disciple believers to establish indigenous, biblical and multiplying churches.


Grace – We are saved through God’s grace only. Only through God’s grace we can stand. Therefore
we boast in God alone.

Passion to reach the unreached – In Christ alone is eternal life found. Therefore we strive to share
the Gospel with all Isaan people. We are focused on unreached areas. We are willing to make
sacrifices to reach them. We persevere when it is difficult. We are innovative and willing to take
risks to reach the unreached.

Reproducibility – We model ministry that makes it possible for disciples and churches to multiply.
We hand over responsibility to Isaan ChrisCans as soon as possible. (see more under 2.5).

Close to the people – We are part of the communities we live in and show that in our lifestyle. We
know the worldview and appreciate and use the language and culture of those around us as much
as our commitment to Christ allows.

Freedom – We share a common vision. We are committed to a common strategy. Within these
boundaries, individual missionaries or if applicable local teams are free to make their own ministry

Help – We support each other in daily life and in ministry with the gifts, experiences, and resources
God has blessed us with.

Partnership – We believe in cooperation and desire to receive new partners into the Isaan Joint
Venture. Wherever possible we partner with Isaan churches. God’s Kingdom is more important
than our denominations.

Passion to reach the unengaged We strive to focus on the unengaged, unreached people.