Unchurched areas in Isaan

The most recent available statistics on the church in Isaan are from 2009. 5,5 million people live in 133 districts (of a total of 322 districts in Isaan) without a single Protestant church. This does not include the numbers of the Hope Churches, a neo-pentecostal denomination that is known to report as churches fleeting groups without baptized members. If their churches are included, the numbers become 90 districts with 3,5 million people. 7 million people live in districts with a church, but with less than 0.1% of the population being Christian. These two groups together comprise well over half of the population of Isaan.


This speaks to the enormous spiritual need in Isaan. At the same time, it is a sign of the progress of the Gospel proclamation in Isaan that over two thirds of all district towns do have at least a small church.

To realize the size of the task remaining, it might be even better to look at the subdistrict level. Within districts, people still need to travel up to 30 kilometers to be able to attend a church in the district town. This is not a realistic expectation for people in the rural areas. However, almost everybody lives within 5 kilometers of the main village of a subdistrict.
In total, Isaan has 2678 subdistricts. 2312 of them are still without a church. 78% of the population of Isaan lives in these subdistricts without a church.