The Isaan Team Diary 2020

Isaan Team Retreat , February 28- March 1, 2020

The OMF Church Planting Team in Isaan consists of 18 missionary units. These missionaries come from different mission organizations like OMF, SIM, SEND, OMS, TEAM and AVANT, and from different countries such as the Netherlands, USA, India, Australia, the Philippines, Switzerland and Austria, and come to work together under the umbrella of OMF, Thailand. The team is spread out to 6 provinces of the 19 provinces in the Isaan (Northeastern) region of Thailand. In the year 2020, in spite of Corona Virus and the chaos it created, God gave us ministry opportunities in ways that we had never experienced, but in most of our areas, apart from the few months that we had lockdown in our provinces, it was business as usual.

Team Retreat, 2020

From 28th February – 1st March, we had our Team Retreat at Khonkaen. We had a good time learning from each other about ministry and about ‘one anothering’ from David and Tina Canon.

It was also encouraging and exciting to see new additions to our Team family. There were five new missionary units joining our team.

Isaan Day of Prayer

On the 1st of August, we were able to spend a Day of Prayer in Khonkaen. We spent time sharing ministry updates and praying for each other. The kids had their own program of Bible stories, fun and games.

Mahasarakham Cluster Launch

On 12th August, In Udon Thani, the Mahasarakham Cluster was launched with Sijmen den Hartog as the Facilitator. The Mahasarakham Cluster had been predominantly a student ministry in the past, but from this year they have incorporated Church Planting activities as a crucial part of their ministry.

Covid Relief in our Region

Although, for many of us, normal ministry was put on hold, we saw God open many other doors for ministry in the form of relief to those who were most hard hit by the turn of events caused by the pandemic. In many villages, we were able to distribute hand sanitizers, food packages, milk and diapers for babies, and along with it the message of peace.

Namphu Foundation helping mothers and babies in need
Distributing Hand Sanitizers

Saved Souls

Again, in spite of the interruption caused by Covid, God gave us new believers and new contacts in all the provinces that our team is spread out.

Team Christmas Celebration

On 5th December, we celebrated Christmas in Khonkaen. The Khorat Cluster organized the celebration and we prayed together, studied the story of Jesus’ birth together and had a lot of fun.

Christmas Outreach

We were able to organize Christmas outreach programs in many schools and villages. The churches that have been planted by the missionaries in our team, were also able to have Christmas outreaches in their respective areas.

Moving Ministry Materials

The ministry stock that had been stored for many years in the ministry building in Khonkaen, was moved to Udon Thani. Several team members gathered to help with the work and the Ministry building at Khonkaen is no longer rented.

As a team, we are thankful to God for his providence and to our friends around the globe for partnering with us. We hope and pray that the year 2021 will be a year we witness God’s faithfulness in all our walk with him.

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